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Squid-Like Help

From Things That Aren't Squids

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Hello. Are you alone? Lost? Desolate? Do you poop out at parties? Then you've come to the right place!

If you're in the market for some advice, this is probably the best place you could be coming due to the broad range of insanity experience the mods have in the various areas of life.

Your moderators are rhetoricians (Patricia) & onlineoffline (Joanna), and we're here to attempt to help you in any and all walks of life you could possibly need help with.

We allow posting by all members, but not non-members, so it won't kill you to join. If you do not join, I will call you an asshat and spam your email inbox with lots of gay porn be very sad.

I'm sure we'll eventually have a slogan. And when we do, I shall deposit it right here.

~ Patricia

*** Other Mod's Take On Things ***

Hi, I'm Joanna.....yes, between us, we have experienced most of the bad things life can throw at you...so, if you need to get it out and write it down, you can do it here and we'll try to help....we know the value of having someone non-judgemental to dump on...and sometimes it feels as if there's no-one out there who will listen, and that's a very lonely feeling.

So ... hug a squid today! ...eat a squid today! ... draw a squid today! Write a squid today!
And yeah, ... it's time this site got going again. I mean, sheesh! It's June 2005 now. *draws a squid*