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So...what do you do?

Alright, this may seem like quite a trivial matter...but I know for a fact that everyone has a differing opinion.

The topic at hand is: candy.

Now, we're not talking about why chocolate is better than, say, caramel...or even whether or not it's deceptive to call it "candy" corn. What I want to know is, do you save the best for last, or do you get rid of the icky (flavored) candy first? Do you get rid of the "gross" flavored candies, or do you just pretend they're something tasty, instead? If you do get rid of them, how? (i.e. feed them to the dog, throw them out, give them to a younger sibling, etc)

Okay kids -- dig in. (My answer in next post, hehe.) =]


Edit: I did a horrible job explaining the question. Sooo...w00t, looks like I get the title as "First Person to Majorly Screw Up In Front Of His Majesty Herbert". Sigh.
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